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Lan Cheaters Video (Hilarious)

Apr 30, 2002 — this is hilarious.. shows what happens when you cheat at a lan party.. lol

[link http://members.shaw.ca/raelle/cheat.wmv]http://members.shaw.ca/raelle/cheat.wmv[/link]

justin says:

hahah, you know what is really amusing? I was at that lan. It was actually a pretty shitty event. Tourney didn't start ontime, we ended up playing matches past 2am, after being there from 10am. Got lame real quick. It was also a stunt :(.

styfil says:

I'd have to agree with beez, it ended up being lame... funny how that stunt is all over the internet though ;) if you look real close on frame 8320 in the top left 375 pixels you can see beez and I ;)

rnewhouse says:

Sorry, but I thought that was really sad. I've never been to a LAN party, and I would not approve of someone cheating at one, but trashing some kid's computer for being stupid? Good thing you guys were way up in pixel 375 and not there in the closeups!

Digerati\ says:

lol.. i thought it was hilarious.. lol
cheaters deserve to have their sys smashed.. even if it was staged.. still funny as hell..

guys... grab that frame wif you in it.. lets see :)

styfil says:

no no no read beezel's post... It was a stunt ;) *davesToolbar* 'mwd stunt' ;)

rnewhouse says:

Well then, that's entirely different.

Never mind.

Pytte says:

Heh we are arranging netparties about every quarter of a year.. and we showed this video before a CS competition and told em that if anyone cheated that would happen to their computer..

Then 4 people withdrew from competition cause their versions were so cheatfull that they couldn't fix it in time :)

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